Preparing Your Oklahoma Ice Cream Business For The Summer

If you are thinking about starting up an ice cream business, you have picked just the right time! Already in the ice cream business? All the better! This summer, we’re seeing triple digits almost everywhere and that means people will do anything they can do to cool down such as treating themselves to a sweet treat! But in order to make sure your business is successful, there are many things to check off your business list. We provide some ideas to get you started!

Look Into New Equipment 

Before you open up shop, give your equipment and materials a thorough inspection. Some questions you should ask yourself include: 

  • How old is my equipment?
  • How long has it been since I used my equipment?
  • Does my equipment need any repairs or replacement parts?

You don’t want your equipment or machinery to fail on you while you’re on the job, so looking into new materials could be helpful when preparing your ice cream business. 

Stay Active on Social Media 

Social media is one of the most effective and easiest ways of getting your business known. Who doesn’t enjoy a scoop of ice cream on a scorching summer day? Customers are prone to use social media to find businesses, such as your ice cream business, to fulfill their cravings! Not only can you make profiles on social media platforms, but you should also be active with them. Some marketing techniques to consider include: 

  • Posting when your shop is open and where it is located 
  • Posting deals and discounts
  • Creating videos and enticing media to grab the attention of potential customers 

Celebrate Summer Holidays with Your Product 

There are a couple of holidays that you can use to market your product such as the Fourth of July and Labor Day. This is also a great opportunity to use social media! You can host special events and provide discounts to draw in more customers! Additionally, this makes a great opportunity for your customers to buy in bulk because they may want your product to celebrate these holidays!

Make Yourself Known to New Residents or Newer Neighborhoods 

People usually take advantage of the summer to move into new homes. With so many people looking to buy or settle into new homes, new neighborhoods are popping up left and right. You could use the summer to distribute coupons, advertisements, or specials to make your business known to new homeowners in the area!

Offer Deals and Discounts

There is no harm in offering deals and discounts every now and then! The more you offer, the more inclined your customers are to return to your ice cream business. This, in turn, helps you to succeed against competing businesses. You can offer discounts that are targeted toward children, encouraging their parents to bring them to your ice cream business. You can also establish a “happy hour” to sell ice cream products that are not as popular as other products in your shop. 

Offer Products in Large Quantities 

People view buying in bulk as a better deal than buying smaller quantities for almost the same price. If you can sell your ice cream products by quarts, gallons, or tubs, this could really help your business! Now more than ever, people are trying to find more ways to save on expenses. Offering your products in larger quantities helps people save all while purchasing from your business, so it’s a win-win! 

Give Customers Free Samples 

This is especially helpful when you have new customers coming into your ice cream business. There is never any harm in giving out free samples! In fact, it may encourage customers to return to your business knowing they can try your products out for themselves. With that being said, never underestimate the power of free items/products. 

Get Involved with Local Events and Festivities 

Another way you can make your brand known is by selling products during events around town. This is a great way of boosting sales! Businesses with food trucks tend to do rather well because they can take their business to their customers and customers will definitely purchase their products! There is nothing quite like cooling down with some ice cream when being outside all day, so take advantage of local events and celebrations!

Sell Your Products in Various Locations Around Town 

Teaming up with other businesses is a great way to find new venues to sell your ice cream. Establishing relationships with restaurants or stores makes it easier to find business owners who are willing to help and support your business. This easily increases the amount of ice cream you can sell! 

Choose Us as Your Wholesale Ice Cream Product Provider in Oklahoma!

As long as you have the equipment and enough product to sell, your ice cream business will meet a whole new level of success this summer! Get in touch with us by calling (405) 253-3818 today to learn more about the products we offer! 

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