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Big Boy Ice Cream OKC is proud to distribute Blue Bunny Ice Cream and other top brands to the entire state of Oklahoma.
We’ve become one of the largest wholesale suppliers for independent vendors, fleet vendors, schools, concessionaires, convenience stores, vending machines, restaurants, and non-profit organizations, along with local and national businesses!
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Our Roots Date Back to 1955!

Big Boy Ice Cream OKC is part of Big Boy Concessions, an El Paso, Texas-based independent ice cream, candy, and concession goods supplier that has been around since 1955. Throughout the years, Big Boy Concessions expanded its reach
across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Big Boy Ice Cream OKC brings the legacy of Big Boy Concessions to the great state of Oklahoma. Our goal is to help ice cream suppliers in huge ways. We want to create a positive impact by bringing a Hispanic touch to Oklahoma’s ice cream industry. With our new approach to the business of ice cream, the entire state of Oklahoma can continue to grow and flourish. Check out our blog post for more information.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to provide sellers of all kinds with the ice cream products and materials they need to succeed and bring smiles across the state of Oklahoma. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform how ice cream is sold, presented, and paired with across the state and bring our cultural roots to Oklahoma for the future. 

Our Services & Products:

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