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Ice cream trucks are iconic mobile food trucks. These specialized trucks have brought joy to millions of people of all ages across the globe. While starting an ice cream truck business is a time-consuming process and takes a lot of effort, it’s ultimately fulfilling. Those who already have a truck know how difficult it can be at times, but the rewarding processing of creating happiness is priceless.
Big Boy Ice Cream OKC is here to help your ice cream truck business succeed!

We can help your ice cream truck business grow by providing you with a new arsenal of ice cream from Blue Bunny, Fruitiki, and Rosati Italian Ice. We also do our best to help you obtain all the promotional materials needed to let your customers know about your new wide selection of products and boost those sales! 

Depending on the type of ice cream trucks and business you’re running, products and ice cream flavors will vary depending on availability and type. We want all of our customers to succeed and grow, which is why we have specific items for each customer’s needs. 

Permits, Licenses, & Regulations: What You Need to Get on the Road

Like any business, there will be permits, licenses, and regulations for you to follow in order for your ice cream truck business to hit the road. It’s best to look into what Oklahoma requires to operate as a food truck.

While we can help you understand what is involved in keeping your operation running smoothly with products, we do our best to help you understand the process of running an ice cream business. One thing to always consider is having your permits or licenses which will be required and up to date at all times while operating. Check out our blog for more information.


There are a few straightforward expenses that you can expect with an ice cream truck business. One of the more fluctuating expenses includes gas. Try to allot a budget of the average per-gallon dollar amount of gas and determine how far you will drive each month to give yourself a reliable estimate of the weekly and monthly fuel costs. Also, make sure to consider the cost of restocking your ice cream. We can help you prepare for this after consultation.

The average ice cream truck business model is simple. Like many other businesses, you sell products and receive payment. Due to the nature of the ice cream truck business, most of the payments you receive will be in cash. However, looking into modern payment method devices such as Square will allow you to take contactless payments, debit, and credit card payments.

To retain the customers, do your best to have set routes and create set days to establish regular customers. Look into promoting your business on social media and choose a song that will remind customers that you’re around. Decorating your truck with fun, bright colors is another great way to attract customers and define yourself in the neighborhood. You may also think about promotions where repeat customers can eventually receive something in return.

Keep On Truckin’
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We look forward to helping your business grow and keep customers coming back time and time again. If you have any questions about our onboarding process or how to work with Big Boy Ice Cream OKC, give us a call. We also offer ice cream tubs, cabinets, and much more to provide you with everything you’ll need. Call us today to get started!

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