Ice Cream Tubs in Oklahoma

The Largest Ice Cream Flavor Selection in the State!

Ice cream tubs are the unspoken heroes of the ice cream industry. They house the delectable flavors that have made generations happy for decades. They’ve helped parlors, diners, and ice cream trucks provide children and adults with those famous sweet, creamy scoops. Big Boy Ice Cream OKC is here to help you keep the tradition alive!
We supply everything you’ll need to keep those smiles coming.

Not only are our tubs perfect for ice cream trucks, but we can also deliver them to any storefront. We also offer a wide selection of ice cream flavors as well as supplies, cups, promotional materials, and more! No matter what you need, Big Boy Ice Cream can help.

Various Tub Sizes to Suit Your Needs

While our ice cream tubs come in various sizes to accommodate your ice cream truck or ice cream cabinet space, the most common option is the trusty 3-gallon tub. By going the wholesale route, you get a more extensive inventory but also a bigger bargain. 

We service direct store delivery (DSD) channels and vending channels, so many of our products come individually prepackaged. Our cups, containers, and other materials will vary depending on the type of business that you own. No matter if you need single-serve cups or an entire container. 

We help every one of our clients get the best materials they need to succeed. No matter if you’re a shop, parlor, restaurant, or ice cream truck, we have everything you need and more! 

Available Ice Cream Flavor Options

At Big Boy Ice Cream, we’re proud to offer more than 100 flavors of ice cream. We have everything from standard flavors to seasonal treats. Many of these flavors are the standard provided by Blue Bunny Ice Cream. We do our best to have an extensive selection to keep your business flourishing with a wondrous variety.

If you would like more information on the flavors we carry or the available tubs for your type of shop or truck, give us a call!

Contact Big Boy Ice Cream, Today!

If you want your business to boom with a variety of different flavors, give us a call! We can help you get started first by getting the proper ice cream cabinet that’s appropriate for your store or ice cream truck! After that, we can see what flavors you want to start with, and we can always choose more or rotate favors upon request. 

Give us a call today to get started and get you on track with the best ice cream tubs in Oklahoma! 

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