Why You Should Start an Ice Cream Truck Business

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In 2019, approximately 6.4 billion pounds of ice cream and frozen yogurt were produced in the US. While ice cream can be big business all year round, it’s particularly lucrative from March through to July. Therefore, it’s no surprise entrepreneurs are keen to break into this market and establish themselves as a leading ice-cream sellers.

But, as the market is so competitive, should you start an ice cream truck business, and how can you give yourself the greatest chance of success? The good news is there is plenty of space in the ice cream market, and you can team up with a reputable supplier that can help take your business to the next level.

Let’s dive in and learn why you should consider selling tasty ice cream from your own truck.

Low Startup Costs

One of the first queries you’ll have is how much does it cost to start an ice cream truck business, and you might be surprised at how low your initial investment can be if you work with the right supplier. You can purchase wholesale ice cream at cost-effective prices, and also get high-quality cabinets and tubs at economical rates.

The truck will be the most expensive item, but you can ask your supplier about finding a reliable vehicle within your budget. This can be much more affordable than opening a brick-and-mortar store that you may need to renovate before you can welcome customers through the door.

Embrace Your Creative Side

Many people complain of being bored by their day jobs. But there is such a wide variety of ice cream products that you’ll never get tired of choosing your selections. You’ll constantly evaluate what your customers will want next, and you can enjoy chatting with them about what they would like to buy from your ice cream truck. You can even create your own signature products to thrill your customers on a hot day.

Easy to Sell Ice Cream

Selling ice cream is not a challenge on a hot and sunny day. The customers will flock to your truck to get an ice cream to cool themselves down. But, even when the weather becomes cooler, you can still do a brisk trade. For example, you can set up a pitch at sporting events or music concerts where there will be a lot of people. Not everyone will fancy ice cream on a cooler day, but there will still be plenty of people who would like a tasty treat. 

If you have a high enough profit margin, you can even run promotions and advertise with a sign outside your truck. You can also post on social media platforms to draw in customers who may be at the event but didn’t know you were offering a special deal. This is also a great way to get others to share your content, as you can take an attractive photo of your ice cream products to encourage people to visit your truck.

Reduced Risk

If you open an ice cream store, you need to be sure there is a market that will buy your products in the local area. Also, if a competitor opens nearby, they could take your business, and you may struggle to stay open. But, when you own an ice cream truck, you can test out an area where you think your products will be popular. If this is not the case, you can move to another location and appeal to a different audience. This means there is considerably less risk because you are mobile and have more flexibility to win new business. 

Become a Specialist

When thinking of how to start an ice cream truck business, you probably want to start out offering plenty of products and flavors. But, as you become more experienced and learn about your customers, you may find an untapped niche. For example, perhaps none of your competitors have access to the Blue Bunny brand ice cream range. You can then sell this exclusively in your area. This is an excellent method of building a loyal customer base that will only buy from your truck.

Recession-Proof Market

Ice cream does not tend to cost much. When buying at wholesale prices, it is possible to sell large quantities at low prices and still make a handsome profit. This means many people can afford ice cream even when the economy is struggling. Also, when people have more money available, they can still enjoy treating themselves to a delicious ice cream from your truck.

Ice Cream Truck Business Growth

In the beginning, you may be thinking of how to start up an ice cream truck business just as a one-vehicle venture. But, when you start to generate profits and see the growth potential, you can expand your business. You could add more trucks to your fleet and hire employees to serve customers. Or, you could start a franchise and receive payments from hundreds of franchisees around the country. You could even open a brick-and-mortar store under your brand name to add to your portfolio.

Contact Big Boy Ice Cream OKC

Big Boy Ice Cream OKC is a market-leading supplier of ice cream truck business supplies that can get you up and running at cost-effective prices. Our high-quality trucks, cabinets, tubs, and wholesale ice cream allow you to provide superior quality products at a lower price than the competition. We even offer a delivery service across the state of Oklahoma so you can receive your products when you need them most.

To learn more and to receive a free quote, contact the Big Boy Ice Cream OKC team today.

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