Top Ice Cream Treats to Celebrate Christmas

People look forward to Christmas and the holiday season for several reasons, one of them being all the good food at parties and gatherings! But of course, you can’t have a feast without dessert. And what’s one dessert that everyone enjoys? Ice cream! There are so many recipes, especially holiday-themed treats, where you can put ice cream to use! Ice cream is often left out of the picture considering the change in temperature, but with other ingredients, you can make the perfect dessert. We’ve compiled some of the best recipes to spur your inspiration. 

Popular Flavors for Christmas 

Some flavors are more popular than others during the holidays. What are some of the most popular candies around Christmas? Peppermint and chocolate are common staples and because of this, these ingredients will be used in every kind of treat out there! The ice cream flavors you will most likely need this Christmas consist of:

  • Vanilla
  • Peppermint
  • Chocolate 
  • Butter Pecan

While there are many other flavors that can pop up, you’ll find that holiday-themed ice cream treats use these flavors the most. 

Ice Cream Brownie Sandwich 

A scoop of vanilla ice cream between two slices of brownie and a dollop of ice cream on top and you have yourself a special treat! There is never a wrong way to combine chocolate and vanilla, so you can get creative with these two! You can even throw in caramel and add a small drizzle on top, melting the ice cream into the brownie. 

Apple Crisp Ice Cream 

Apple pie a la mode has always been one of America’s favorite treats, but if you’re looking to switch it up this season, we have an idea just for you! Instead of putting the ice cream on the apple crisp, this time around, you can put the apple crisp in the ice cream! A simple recipe, you can serve your family and loved ones a scoop of ice cream on a waffle cone and add some apple crisps as a topping!

S’mores Ice Cream Cake 

There’s nothing sweeter than sitting by the fire, roasting marshmallows. Actually, it does get sweeter than that, with a s’mores ice cream cake! You would prepare this treat just as you would with a traditional s’more. Over the crust, you can add a fudge or chocolate filling, top it off with chocolate or vanilla ice cream, and finalize it with baked marshmallow fluff. 

Egg Nog Nutella Ice Cream 

What’s a Christmas holiday without eggnog to savor? Now, you can bring eggnog and ice cream together! This is the perfect opportunity to throw in unique ingredients. In this recipe, you can learn how to make ice cream and incorporate egg nog, all in one. Just like you would with caramel, you can use Nutella as a drizzle and even throw in some pecan pieces or nuts to finish off the recipe. 

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars 

This dessert idea is an easy no-bake recipe made with vanilla ice cream, nutter butter cookies, and peanut butter cups! You start by mashing up nutter butter cookies into pieces to create a crust, which will be the base for these treats. Then you spread vanilla ice cream and pour a layer of heated peanut butter. You swirl the peanut butter into the ice cream, add a layer of melted chocolate, and throw on chopped peanut butter cups!

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream, Caramel Drizzle 

Pumpkin pie is a must-have at the dinner table for many families during the holidays. If you have never tried it before, you can give it this holiday season. There is pumpkin pie ice cream available for sale, but if you are looking for something simpler, you can buy a pumpkin pie paste, mix it into your vanilla ice cream, and add crumbs of pie crust as a topping. 

Sundae Cookie Cups 

This recipe is just like eating a traditional sundae, but instead of a plastic cup, you put your ice cream on top of a cupcake! You would bake the cupcakes as you normally would, but you would clear the center of it to make room for a scoop of ice cream. Once the cupcakes are done baking and finish cooling down, you can then place a scoop of ice cream on each one, and drizzle some chocolate on!

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